What is Ramo 38?

Is a Political Observatory for Science and Technology to verify the accomplishment of the article 458 of the new Federal Code of Electoral Institution and Procedures during the actual electoral process, regarding the use of money raised by economic sanctions from electoral penalties in activities determined by the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT), or the state institutions for science and technology.

Who we are?

We are a group of citizens and experts on science, technology, innovation, policy and politics, who would like to generate a change in Mexico. Some of us have studied abroad and we decided to come back to Mexico in order to produce positive changes. Ramo 38 is one step to achieve our goal, please join us.

What is the actual situation?​​​

Why is important Ramo 38?

Due the last changes in oil prices, the Federal Public Expenditure in many fields was reduced, one of them is the Annual Expenditure of the National Council of Science and Technology 2015, so with the money raised from electoral sanctions would be possible to compensate that reduction or use the money in new policies to promote science, technology and innovation at national and international level.

Example of how important is this project and this money for the Country:

Join us!

Even if you are not in Mexico or you are not Mexican, your collaboration is very important for us, so please keep in mind the possibility to work with us: